Dr. Dayle Hacking

Dayle HackingDr. Dayle Hacking is a Consultant Radiation Oncologist, currently appointed as the Medical Director of the UPMC Whitfield Cancer Centre in Waterford. Together with his colleagues he provides the Radiation Oncology component of the activity of the Waterford Symptomatic Breast Disease Service.

The following is a summary of his career to date.

  • Educated and raised in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe
  • Attended Medical School in Rhodesia and completed undergraduate studies with degrees from University of Zimbabwe and the Scottish Conjoint Qualification in 1983.
  • Internship and Specialist training followed in the University of Natal in South Africa
  • Masters in Medicine (Rad Onc) and a Fellowship in Radiology (Therapeutic) from the South African College of Medicine in 1990.
  • Fellowship year in Canada at the University of Saskatchewan – 1990-1991
  • Returned South Africa, spending a year in the Academic Hospital in Durban – 1991- 1992
  • Private Practice in Durban, South Africa 1992 – 2006.
  • Joined UPMC Ireland in July 2006 – Whitfield Cancer Centre
  • Full range of radiation oncology service, for public and private patients, including intensity modulated radiotherapy, image guided radiotherapy, PET CT assisted radiotherapy planning, 4D gated treatment delivery techniques and prostate brachytherapy.
  • Appointed Associate Medical Director of UPMC Ireland in January 2010 and Medical Director in May 2014.